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The Wild Heart of Megan

Constantine De Marco has once invaded Megan’s life. Ten years ago, she blindly gave him her virginity. Thinking he’s the man meant for her. Constantine De Marco is tall, a handsome devil, and rich. The brown eyes and the sexy Italian tongue made her swoon like crazy. She was charmed easily by his virility which lacks most of the boys she met. She knows Constantine would eventually love her and marry her after giving him her virginity.

Well, she’s crazy at 18.

After the blissful moment, he tore that dream the same way he totally ripped her innocence. He left and married one of the most powerful names in Europe.

So, why after ten years, they’re back where they’ve started?

Of course, she’s not crazy at 28. Or is she?



The Wild Heart of Megan Writer’s Edition (physical book in hardbound)

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Silent Pain


How can you love a person who doesn’t remember you the next day? How can you deal with a person who will say I love you but doesn’t remember it the next day? Sadyang manhid lang ba ang puso mo dahil kahit gaano kalala ang sitwasyon, siya at siya pa rin ang mamahalin mo?

Hanggang saan mo nga ba kayang magmahal? Hanggang saan mo kayang intindihin at tanggapin ang sitwasyon kung sa halos araw-araw ay pinapatay ang puso mo ng taong iyong pinakamamahal? Hanggang saan mo kayang makitang nasasaktan at nahihirapan ang babaeng gusto mong protektahan habang-buhay? Hanggang saan mo kayang saksihan ang iba’t-ibang character na bumabalot sa buong pagkatao ng babaeng pinakamamahal? Hanggang saan mo kayang mag sakripisyo para sa taong minamahal?

Written By: Rosas Vhiie
Book Cover By: Christine Yanga

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With You (2013)

Rome meets Zacharias.


It was supposed to be just an employer-employee relationship but when he playfully made her ‘pregnant’, fate played dirty tricks; made them a couple engaged to be married!


Of course, it’s less complicated even with his arranged marriage put on hold or her ex-boyfriend pursuing her to get back to him; they will just make a ‘great escape’ from all the sham they created!


Of course, it wasn’t.


It complicated everything when they started kissing each other!

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After Pain (Sequel of Silent Pain)

After a long time without his wife, he fought so hard to forget the pain of losing the love of his life. He lost his sanity. He doesn’t let anyone own his heart. His heart became numb.

Not until he met his wife’s twin sister. She has the same face, the same height, the same scent, the same voice, but with a very different personality.

Seeing his dead wife’s twin sister wounded him more. It hurts so much that he chose to render himself from her. But the woman keeps appearing right in front of him. He couldn’t get away. Seeing her everyday makes him long for his wife even more.

His wife’s twin sister turned his world upside down. He couldn’t escape. After barely enduring all the pains for 10 years, he still couldn’t escape.


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Perfect Love (Cinderella Series 1)

Bianca met Red when she was brokenhearted. Afraid to celebrate her 35th birthday as a single woman in front of her friends and family, she asked Red to be her ‘boyfriend’. Red, who felt sorry for her, agreed. But in one condition that Bianca should not fall for him.

Astounded, Bianca laughed and considered it as a joke. Red, is not her type. He maybe charming but he lacks in everything—money, status and wheels.

But when fate played tricks to all the Cinderella, she was the unluckiest of them all. She falls and she fell hard for a Prince Charming that has no title. Can she love him for what he is?

Or she will find another to be her perfect Prince?

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Romancing the Enemy (2)

Victoria Di Salvo, presumed to be dead, is actually alive. At nakabalik na siya sa bansa, inihahanda para palitan ang ama sa pamununo sa nanganganib na Di Salvo  Group. Pero hindi magiging madali ang pamumuno niya dahil sa patong-patong na problema. The enemy is busy plotting how to get her. Sa gitna ng krisis, nag-alok ng tulong ang pinakahuling taong inasahan niya—si Carlos Santander, her father’s business  rival. The offer was attractive, considering that the old man’s  business acumen and influence. And of course, there is a catch. A very attractive, mask-wearing and dangerous catch in the person of the old man’s son  and heir, Lucien Alexander Santander.

But wait, there’s more. Carlos’ son and the man she fell in love with back in Paris turned out to be one and the same person. At sino nga ba talaga ang kalaban? Si Alexander, ang pamilyang karibal nila sa negosyo, o ang sarili niya?

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Seduction Campaign

Hindi lang dahil sa nahahamon si Lachlan sa madulas at mataray na half-Filipina, half-Scottish beauty na bumihag sa puso niya mula noong kinse pa lang siya. Ngayong malalaki na sila ni Stacy ay handa na nilang harapin ang mga kailangang harapin ng mga matatanda at handa na talaga siyang akitin ang dalaga upang hindi na siya maiiwasan at mapaghihindian nito. Kaunting panahon na lang at alam niyang magpapaubaya rin ito sa kanya sa wakas at makamit na ang pinakahihintay niyang matamis na “Oo” at mainit na “Oohh”…

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Bringing Joy Through Our Stories
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Bringing Joy Through Our Stories

Nobelista is an online reading platform for Filipino writers and readers. Last 2012, the free-reading platform became a sensation and the new breed of Filipino novelists was born. Most of the new breed of Filipino writers received recognition from different big publications, tv and movie outfits.
Last year, a project was created before the design of the Nobelista platform. The project has two divisions. The first division is focused on finding great stories from aspiring Filipino novelists and put them in one platform that caters Philippine novels in all literary genre (romance, thriller, mystery, fantasy, science-fiction, historical romance, and comedy). After the successful selection of the first batch of Filipino writers, the project will continue to find more novelists who are going to provide great Pinoy novels to Pinoy readers all over the world. 
The other half of the platform is the home of the VIP subscribers of mechanic_lady or Joy Natividad, the co-founder of Nobelista project and owner of Mechanic Lady’s Publication which caters most of her published books. The creation of the Nobelista platform is a combination of finding Filipino readers who will support the Filipino novels and providing Filipino writers who aim to bring joy to their stories.

Joy Natividad

A Filipino published Author and the Founder of ML Publication and Nobelista Project

When I thought about it last year, I had two things in mind; provide more stories to the VIP members and open the mind of the Filipino community that Filipino writers deserved to get paid for their works.  You just have to expose these writers.  I have the platform and was blessed to have the opportunity, then why not open it to other Filipino writers?  It’s a simple thought.  You don’t have to be rich or famous to offer an opportunity.  Just make it happen.