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No Other Love (2014)

(sequel of Sana Akin Ka na Lang–Dee/Renz love story)

Deanna Florence Saadvera is young, spoiled and rich. Being the only girl of Saadvera, she gets what she wants. She doesn’t need to introduce herself to anyone. Just a mere look, everyone knows she is extraordinary.

But when the legal attorney of his grandfather gets in her way, she makes sure she will rid of him for good. Kaso, wala siyang magawa. Ito lamang ang nag iisang balakid sa lahat ng gusto niya na mangyari. Daig pa niya ang preso, hindi prinsesa, na kailangan may kasamang bodyguard sa lahat ng lakad. Pakialamero pa sa lovelife niya! She swears that when the time comes she has full control of her money which in no time will be hers, she will rid of him in an instant. Siya ang magmamana ng hacienda na nasa Del Rio kung saan si Lorenzo Madrigal III ang legal na tagapamahala ng lolo.

When her grandfather caught her making out with her boyfriend of two years, she never imagined that Don Severino will do something crazy.

Like stupidly, crazy, making Lorenzo Madrigal her husband or live without money!

No woman will be crazy enough to marry a man carved from stone.

A man like Lorenzo Madrigal III.

She will kill herself first bago pakasalan ang unggoy na ‘yon!

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The Wild Heart of Megan (2021)

Constantine De Marco has once invaded Megan’s life. Ten years ago, she blindly gave him her virginity. Thinking he’s the man meant for her. Constantine De Marco is tall, a handsome devil, and rich. The brown eyes and the sexy Italian tongue made her swoon like crazy. She was charmed easily by his virility which lacks most of the boys she met. She knows Constantine would eventually love her and marry her after giving him her virginity.

Well, she’s crazy at 18.

After the blissful moment, he tore that dream the same way he totally ripped her innocence. He left and married one of the most powerful names in Europe.

So, why after ten years, they’re back where they’ve started?

Of course, she’s not crazy at 28. Or is she?



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One Sweet Night (2021)



Baby Lyn Dela Cruz- young, innocent and sweet girl who loves to laugh and enjoy everything around her.

Ang mala-anghel na mukha at boses niya ay palaging nakakakuha ng atensyon. Lahat ng tao sa paligid niya ay naaaliw sa kaniya.

But not her personal bodyguard, Claude Hernandez, who is always distant and cold.

Tila lahat ng kilos niya ay mali sa paningin nito. Palaging salubong ang mga kilay kapag siya ang kaharap. Madalas ay masungit.

At her very young age, she learned how to admire her handsome and hot bodyguard.

Paano nga ba niyang makukuha ang buong atensyon nito gayong sa araw-araw na kasama niya ito ay hindi man lang siya nito matingnan ng matagal?

A second installment of the Second Generation.




2nd Installment of 2nd Generation, Phoenix Series

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The Luckiest Dreamer (2020)

Hindi nagdalawang isip si Alessandro na sundin ang nais ng ama na ipakasal siya sa babaeng napili nito para sa kaniya. His father was sick and he would do everything he could to make him happy, even if it goes down to marrying someone he didn’t choose for himself.

He didn’t like Via at first, kaya gumawa siya ng kasunduan na maghihiwalay din sila pagdating ng tamang panahon- at ang panahong iyon ay kung may makilala ang isa sa kanila na taong mamahalin ng tunay.

But Via was really trying hard to please him. Has she started to fall in love with him?

Papaano pa siya makawawala kung ganoon?


Romance | Comedy | Erotic


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The Blind Casanova Book 1 (2015)

A race car driver was being ripped with his eyesight and a woman he was about to marry, succumb to the darkness of his own misery and pain. He wants nothing but to be secluded from the public eye. A Casanova, being ripped off the chance to a happily ever after love story.

Until the mysterious Samantha came to aid his needs. And his once sworn promise of loving his dead fiancee, became blurred as he felt her skin, smell her own desire and lust. No doubt, Samantha aroused his primitive desire to conquer and dominate a sexy siren. Even with his blindness, he could tell how passionate she could be.

And definitely, he will taste the pleasure in her arms.

Even with lies and deceit.

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Her Christmas Valentine

Ciello Llaurent Limen thought that love was not her calling. Ang buong akala niya ay magiging matandang dalaga na siya. She never had any experience with any men. She was afraid to die as a virgin. But when she met the CEO of Valentine Matchmaking Company. Nag-iba lahat ng pananaw niya. She threw all her doubts away and started to believe in Xerxes. She joined Xerxes plan. Nagpanggap sila na maging mag-jowa para may maiharap siya sa mga magulang niya. Everything was just a charade not until Xerxes confessed his true feelings towards her. Maniniwala ba siya sa binata o hahayaan niya na lang ang sarili niyang magduda dahil takot siyang masaktan ng isang Xerxes Decena?

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Bringing Joy Through Our Stories
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Bringing Joy Through Our Stories

Nobelista is an online reading platform for Filipino writers and readers. Last 2012, the free-reading platform became a sensation and the new breed of Filipino novelists was born. Most of the new breed of Filipino writers received recognition from different big publications, tv and movie outfits.
Last year, a project was created before the design of the Nobelista platform. The project has two divisions. The first division is focused on finding great stories from aspiring Filipino novelists and put them in one platform that caters Philippine novels in all literary genre (romance, thriller, mystery, fantasy, science-fiction, historical romance, and comedy). After the successful selection of the first batch of Filipino writers, the project will continue to find more novelists who are going to provide great Pinoy novels to Pinoy readers all over the world. 
The other half of the platform is the home of the VIP subscribers of mechanic_lady or Joy Natividad, the co-founder of Nobelista project and owner of Mechanic Lady’s Publication which caters most of her published books. The creation of the Nobelista platform is a combination of finding Filipino readers who will support the Filipino novels and providing Filipino writers who aim to bring joy to their stories.

Joy Natividad

A Filipino published Author and the Founder of ML Publication and Nobelista Project

When I thought about it last year, I had two things in mind; provide more stories to the VIP members and open the mind of the Filipino community that Filipino writers deserved to get paid for their works.  You just have to expose these writers.  I have the platform and was blessed to have the opportunity, then why not open it to other Filipino writers?  It’s a simple thought.  You don’t have to be rich or famous to offer an opportunity.  Just make it happen.