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Forgotten Memories Book 2 Writer’s Edition

Copyright © 2018 Mechanic_lady ( Joy Natividad )

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. (Republic Act no. 10372).

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, or locales or person, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. All rights for products, brand names, and establishments go to its respectful owners.


First printing: 2018

Second printing: 2020 (part of Trilogy set)

Third printing: 2021 (new cover, part of 2nd release of Trilogy set)


ISBN 978-621-9602-1-9  (Hardbound Cover)

ISBN 978-621-9602-0-2 (Softbound Cover)

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Forgotten Memories Book 3

Their story, just like any other, was full of tears and love. From college teenage love stories turned sour to one of the heart-wrenching pain of regret and vengeance, they surpassed it all to make one hell of a love story to tell.

Gin and Alex, married and with two kids, a political career and a gigantic MGM to handle, think their hands are quite full already and have to work so hard so they will not lose precious time to enjoy each other.

And what if, a little turn and twist of Mr. Fate, test their love once more? Are they willing to give it a good fight?

Or believe that maybe, their love story is just like any other.

Best forgotten…


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The Blind Casanova Book 1

A race car driver was being ripped with his eyesight and a woman he was about to marry, succumb to the darkness of his own misery and pain. He wants nothing but to be secluded from the public eye. A Casanova, being ripped off the chance to a happily ever after love story.

Until the mysterious Samantha came to aid his needs. And his once sworn promise of loving his dead fiancee, became blurred as he felt her skin, smell her own desire and lust. No doubt, Samantha aroused his primitive desire to conquer and dominate a sexy siren. Even with his blindness, he could tell how passionate she could be.

And definitely, he will taste the pleasure in her arms.

Even with lies and deceit.

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The Lone Wolf

I met her when she was a teenager. Although she’s trying to hide her wealth, she stood different from the crowd, she just can’t. Her eyes are observant, her face is angelic, and her name is Saint Gatchalian.

I met her during the time I was nothing.

I don’t have a name. I don’t have a family. I don’t have anything to offer.

So, I did what I thought was best for her- I declined her friendship and pushed her away.

And now, seeing her after all these years made me questioned myself if I did what was best for her. If going away without looking back was the best thing I did, then why does my heart aches when she smiles for another man?



Published by Mechanic Lady’s Publication (Hardbound cover)

First printing, May 2021

ISBN 978-62-96062-7-1

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The Blind Casanova Book 2

When Mindy felt that she was in love with the blind casanova, Adam, all she wanted was to run away from him and forget her idiotic principle of helping him until he gets back his vision. If she could endure before his treatment to her, its because she was guilty and had to pay her debt for what she thought she did wrong to him and to his dead fiancee. But how she could endure more now that it wasn’t because he was good in bed that she became responsive but its because deep inside her she was falling for him.

And she fell hard.

Pero paano na kung malaman nito ang totoo? Na nagbabalatkayo lamang siya sa likod ng pangalan na ‘Sam’? Na ang babaeng kinamumuhian nito ay walang iba kung hindi ang babaeng kasama niya sa iisang bubong?

Sisibol ba ang pag-ibig sa pagitan nila?

O mananatiling pagkamuhi na lamang ang nasa puso ni Adam para sa kanya?

Adam and Mindy.

Two different people and yet their demons have come after them to claim the bad things they committed. One still running away from it by releasing his manly needs while the other is facing it by hiding thru a different persona. Will love exists between them?

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Paano kung binigyan ka ng isa pang pagkakataon na umibig muli, pakakawalan mo pa ba kahit sinasabi ng iba na hindi na dapat? Paano kung binigyan ka ng isa pang pagkakataon na maranasan ang mga pinanghihinayangan mong hindi mo nagampanan, itatapon mo lang ba dahil sa sinasabi ng iba?

Teka, ang malaking tanong talaga, paano mo liligawan ang babaeng ayaw magpaligaw? Paano mo hahabulin ang babaeng on the run palagi? At paano… paano ba ang magmahal?




Side-story of Elite Series

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Forgotten Memories Book 2

“I am more disappointed by this, Ms Monteverde.”

I tried not to show any emotion when he addressed me.  I wanted to ask where is Gin that I know?  I wanted to smile bitterly.

Wala na pala yon.

He is gone.

A long time ago.

The man that I am looking right now is none other than Governor Eugenio Carlos De Villa.  The ruthless Governor who replaced his father six years ago.  He is running his second term now.  And he is a stranger.

I looked at him straight to his eyes.  “There is nothing that I have to hide Governor.  My business is legal and I have not violate any rules or contract.  I do not think it is necessary for your office to shut down my mall operation,” I said in a colder voice.

He lifted a brow matapos tingnan ako ng ilang saglit.  He smiled mischievously.

“Sa tingin mo Ms Monteverde?  But I can do more than damage that you could ever imagine,” nakangising sabi nito.

Napakurap ako.

I hate this man that I am seeing right now.

Hindi ko siya kilala.

I know people changed.

But he changed into a different man.

A ruthless man.

“Are you threatening me Governor?  Don’t ever think you could threaten me ng ganito ganito lamang.  Baka nakakalimutan mo na Monteverde ang kaharap mo.  And I don’t succumb easily.”

But deep inside I was in battle.  Dahil ayoko ng magulo.  Ayoko ng gulo.  Umuwi lamang ako ng Pilipinas para asikasuhin ang negosyo ni Papa na nagkaka problema sa probinsya ni Gin. Ito lamang ang dahilan ng pag uwi niya.

I have to go back.  Pati ang mommy ko ay nag aalala na sa pag uwi ko sa Pilipinas.  I assured her that I will come back in no time.

He smirked.  Itinutok na nito ang paningin sa ginagawang pagpirma sa papeles.

“If that’s the case, then you can go now Ms Monteverde.  Hintayin mo na lamang ang demolition team na ipapadala ko sa site.”

Napatiim ang labi ko.

He is using his power and authority para matakot ako.

And I am no fool para ipakita iyon sa kanya.

Tumalikod na ako.  Nasa pintuan na ako when he called me again.

“Ms Monteverde, if it matters to you that much, ang business ng daddy mo then I have a proposition.”

Malamig na nilingon ko siya.

Ang lakas ng loob na siya pa mag offer ng proposition!  Kanina nananakot lamang siya, ngayon ito pa nagbibigay ng dahilan para makipag areglo.

“Whatever it is I am not interested, Governor.”

Galit na tinitigan niya ako.  “You don’t understand the situation do you Ms Monteverde?  Kaya kong ipa demolish ang apat na mall na nasa siyudad na nasasakupan ko and influence the 20 more branches that MGM has all over the country.”

Napatda ako.


Is he insane?

What is his plan?  Tuluyang i shut down ang MGM?

Nagpupuyos ang kaloobang hinarap ko siya.  “Ano ba ang kailangan mo sa akin Governor? Pera? How much!  Magsabi ka lamang!” galit na galit na sabi ko.

He laughed mirthlessly.  Na tila ba naaliw ito sa pagwawala ko.  Ito naman ang gusto niya ang tuluyan akong magalit sa ginagawa niya.  It makes him happy!

“I like it more.  That kind of fire that I have been missing,” he said sarcastically.

I drew a deep breath.  Ang makipagtalo sa kanya ay walang katuturan.

“What do you want?” I asked coldly.  “What do I have to give para tigilan mo ang panggugulo sa MGM?”

He playfully roll his pen on the desk na tila ba nag iisip. Naglalaro sa labi nito ang isang ngisi.

“I am getting married three months from now.”

Alam ko na yon.

Bago pa ako umuwi ng Pilipinas.

Alam ko na ikakasal na siya.

Pero masakit pa rin pala kapag narinig mo mismo sa bibig niya.

Mas masakit pa rin kumpara sa kumpirmasyon ng isang espiya na inupahan niya na subaybayan ito sa malayo.

I tried to show na wala lamang sa akin iyon.  It should be.

Pero masakit pa rin.

Gumuguhit pa rin sa buong pagkatao ko.

“And so?” taas ang noong sabi ko.  I have to hold on to my little pride left.

Kahit iyon na lamang.

He looked at me.

“I want you to share my bed within that three months,” walang kakurap kurap nitong sabi.

Kailangan ko na titigan siya ng matagal.

O kurutin ang sarili ko para lamang i assure na tama ang pagkakarinig ko.

Share his bed?

Share his bed.

Share his f**king bed!

Unti unti kumakalat ang pamumula ng mukha ko.

Its like a hot liquid fire that slowly eating me up.

“Y-You must be insane,” I said, aghast.  “P-Para sabihin mo sa akin yan,” sa nanginginig na tinig ay sabi ko.

Treat me this low.

As if isa akong mumurahing babae.  As if…I am no more than a prostitute selling herself in every shaded and dark corner of the street.

I wanted to cry.  But I will make him even more happy.

Para maipakita ko na nasasaktan ako sa sinasabi niya.

He lifted a brow.  “Anong masama sa proposisyon ko Ms Monteverde?  You don’t mean to deny me don’t you?  After all, we shared exquisite pleasure in bed, together.  And I must admit I want to see if you could still make me lose all my control,” he said sarcastically.  At higit akong nasasaktan sa sinasabi niya.

Napangiti lamang ako ng mapakla.  Kasabay ng hindi pagkapaniwalang tawa.

“Do you think, I will stoop that low Governor?” sarkastikong sabi ko.  “You want to ruin me, then do it.  I’ll see you in court,” malamig kong sabi.

Hindi ako papatalo sa kanya.


Napatiim ang bagang ni Gin.

“I know you have a son.”

Pakiramdam ko nanlamig ako ng sobra.

Awtomatikong napabalik sa kanya ang nanlalaki kong mga mata.  Kasabay ng pagtahip ng dibdib.

He was glad to see that kind of reaction.

“I want you in my bed, Alexandra Monteverde.  And I promise I will never lay my hand to your son and your company.  Just pleasure me in bed.”

Nangingipos na napahawak na lamang ako sa seradura ng pintuan.  Pakiramdam ko nanlambot ng tuluyan ang aking mga tuhod.

Pakiramdam ko mamamatay ako kapag pinakialaman ni Gin ang aking anak.


My son is the only treasure that I will never let anyone take away from me.  Kahit ako na lamang ang masaktan.

Huwag lamang ang anak namin.

Napatungo ako.

Ngayon, mukhang higit kong pinagbabayaran ang aking nakaraan.



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The Luckiest Dreamer

Hindi nagdalawang isip si Alessandro na sundin ang nais ng ama na ipakasal siya sa babaeng napili nito para sa kaniya. His father was sick and he would do everything he could to make him happy, even if it goes down to marrying someone he didn’t choose for himself.

He didn’t like Via at first, kaya gumawa siya ng kasunduan na maghihiwalay din sila pagdating ng tamang panahon- at ang panahong iyon ay kung may makilala ang isa sa kanila na taong mamahalin ng tunay.

But Via was really trying hard to please him. Has she started to fall in love with him?

Papaano pa siya makawawala kung ganoon?


Romance | Comedy | Erotic


The Luckiest Dreamer Writer’s Edition (physical book in softbound cover) 



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Romancing the Enemy (1)

Victoria Di Salvo was “exiled” to Paris by her own father shortly after her mother’s death. Kabilin-bilinan ng ama na ‘wag siyang uuwi ng Pilipinas hangga’t hindi nito sinasabi. Masunurin siyang anak, kaya yes Daddy ang sagot niya. Living abroad has a lot of perks. For one, nagagawa niya ang lahat ng gusto: shopping, dining out, exploring the city and more shopping na hindi napapraning ang Daddy niya.

Then she met Luke, the man with dark eyes and equally lethal smile. The first time their eyes met, she already felt drawn to him. Parang magnet ang karisma nito, hinahatak siya kahit ano’ng pilit niyang iwas. With just one touch of his finger, Tori burned. The guy is literally what her private fantasies are made of. It wasn’t long before she found herself falling in love with him.

But it was all an act. Pinaikot lang siya ni Luke sa mga palad nito.

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Wishing Upon the Farthest Star Book 1

Avery Sky is not just a typical rich man’s daughter with whims and caprices.  The impossible becomes a reality to her.  From having the most expensive cars, jewels,  flying from one continent to another and naming an island after her are not a jaw-dropping reality of how rich she is.  She was named as the Sky of the Romualdez, as her father, Asia’s top business magnate Henry Romualdez, gave the best for her only daughter.  But there is one thing she hasn’t done yet. Or one thing she still has no possession of.

Owning the farthest star that shines brightly up at night and put it in her very own sky.

And the international songwriter/singer and front runner of the Icarus band, Luke Icarus Mateo is nothing but the farthest blue star she wants to own and flaunt as one of her prized and rare collections.

So, when her father sponsored one of the biggest openings of their business in Macau, she didn’t hesitate to show her interest to the international singer.

Only to find out that the farthest star is not interested to be in her sky.  Not even when she offers the world to him.

Luke Icarus is determined to say No.  And she is determined to get him.

By hook or by crook.

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The Substitute Maid

Alexander had a huge responsibility at the very young age. Napasakanya ang kumpanya nila nang mamatay ang parents niya. Although, tumutulong ang lolo niya but the majority of the decision came from him. Sa dami ng work load niya, maari bang hindi niya maisingit ang mga panandaliang aliw? Siyempre hindi. At kapag sawa na siya sa mga demands ng mga babae, lumilitaw si Regina Larrazabal upang sagipin siya.

Alexis is the Crown Princess of Cordonia. She will forever be “The Spoiled Princess” na ibinigay sa kanyang nickname ng press. Everything is perfect in her life until she reached the age of eighteen. At doon niya napatunayan na hindi lahat ay makukuha niya. Dahil hindi niya makuha ang gusto mula sa magulang, naglayas si Alexis at umuwi ng Pilipinas. Sa tulong ng pinsan niyang si Meghan, naitago siya nito sa radar ng kanyang ina. Desedido si Alexis na patunayan na tama siya, na siya ang karapat-dapat na humawak ng Cordonia balang araw. Hanggang mapagtanto niyang mali pala. At napagtanto niya iyon nang matira siya kay Alexander bilang katulong.

Paano na ngayon iyan? Kung si Sir ay may Regina at ang chimay ni Sir ay isang prinsesa na hinahabol ng makulit na butler ng mga Royals na may pangalang Morris upang ilagay ang korona nito sa kanya. Idagdag pa ang age gap na hindi mawala-wala sa listahan ng mga issues nila at ang reyalidad na magkaiba ang mundong ginagalawan nila. Saan sila magtatagpo? Paano kung puso na ang nagsusumamo?



The Substitute Maid Writer’s Edition in Hardbound Cover




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The CEO’s Missing Wife

Kyrill is devastated when he finds out one day that his wife Precious disappears mysteriously. He does everything he can to find her, not knowing the reason why she is missing though. Money and everything else is nothing to him, especially when his wife is not by his side. But he wonders why she is now out of his life, out of reach, out of his sight. He truly believes that nothing is wrong with their marriage… or so he thinks…

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The Wild Heart of Megan

Constantine De Marco has once invaded Megan’s life. Ten years ago, she blindly gave him her virginity. Thinking he’s the man meant for her. Constantine De Marco is tall, a handsome devil, and rich. The brown eyes and the sexy Italian tongue made her swoon like crazy. She was charmed easily by his virility which lacks most of the boys she met. She knows Constantine would eventually love her and marry her after giving him her virginity.

Well, she’s crazy at 18.

After the blissful moment, he tore that dream the same way he totally ripped her innocence. He left and married one of the most powerful names in Europe.

So, why after ten years, they’re back where they’ve started?

Of course, she’s not crazy at 28. Or is she?



The Wild Heart of Megan Writer’s Edition (physical book in hardbound)



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Axel knew the word privilege before he started to walk. Born with a silver spoon on his mouth, he is the first grandson of Red Sebastian. With good looks, blue eyes, and a devilish smile, he can get away with everything and that made him a careless Knight.

On one sunny day in Guatemala, Axel found a lady named Kim that made his world stop. In a snap, the devilish careless Knight tasted the game of fate. When the Knight fell in love with the enemy, how he will pull the trigger? What will he choose— his heart or his badge?

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This story has some scenes not suitable for young readers. The story is fiction, any events that are written in this story came from the writer’s imagination.

Kindly be warned that there are scenes that defy our culture.


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How to Steal a Heart?

April is a typical probinsyana who wishes to see the beauty of the world beyond her books. Being stuck on the island of Guimaras and having nothing but romance books to read, her naivety is somewhat cute— lovely even.

A is a typical Ramirez— handsome, rich, naughty, and playboy. When his naughtiness struck again and his University gave him a reprimand to serve on a remote island of Guimaras, he found himself as a mini-celebrity on the island. He even became a judge on a local beauty contest.

What disaster will A Ramirez leave to a probinsyana heart? After all, a Ramirez has a tendency to break everyone’s heart, right? Wrong. What will A do to steal a heart that doesn’t belong to him… anymore?

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Misfit, The Cheeky Chick

A successful career woman with a smart child, MM have everything she wished for and more.

She had her fair share of unfulfilled promises, shattered heart and broken engagement. She moved on from her painful past and she know better than to be involved with a man cut from the same cloth as her ex.

Para sa kanya ay komplikasyon lang ang pagdadagdag ng lalaki sa masayang buhay nilang mag-ina. And she’s proven right nang dumating sa buhay niya si Aaron.

Unang pagkikita pa lang nila ay hindi na nito itinago ang atraksyong naramdaman para sa kanya. Pero kilala ni MM ang tipo nito at wala siyang planong pag-aksayahan ng oras ang mga boladas at pangungulit ng binata.

But Aaron is a man on a mission and he made it very clear that he won’t stop pursuing her until he get what he wants:

A wild tumble in bed.

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One Sweet Mistake


The second generation.

One Sweet Mistake (Prinx Kal Smith)

A mistake that they couldn’t avoid. A mistake that will make their true emotions come out. A mistake that leads and bring them to the true definition of love and acceptance. Will they hold each other’s arms? Will they accept the love that they forced to avoid? Or will they continue to avoid their true feelings?

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Mistakenly Loving You

Ynna has the most timid personality, siguro dahil na rin sa paraan ng pagpapalaki ng mga magulag niya sa kanya. That all she feel is unwanted, kaya nga para sa kanya kakampi niya ang mga kaibigan niya sa lahat ng oras kahit na ba ayaw ng mga magulang niya sa mga ito.

She always tried her best para mapatunayan ang sarili ang sarili sa mga magulang. Until she fell in love, she rejected it at first pero kapag puso na ang kumilos wala na siyang magagawa pa.

Vincent became part of her life, only to hurt her in the hardest way that she experienced. Pero sa kabila `non pinatatag niya ang sarili, para harapin ang panibagong bukas,

Ilang taon ang lumipas nang akala niya ay maayos na ang buhay niya, muling bumalik ang lalaking sumira ng buhay niya.

Will she still accept him? Sa kabila ng katotohanang nagkaroon ng bunga ang relasyon nila noon.

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Sweet But Psycho


The 3rd installment of Phoenix Series Second Generation.

Her path leads to a man who would never fall inlove with her.

He’s a broken man with a broken heart and soul. He lived his life loving only one woman. He lives in a world where he see is only his wife. He lives in a world where his hearts’ desire is only for his wife.

He is insane, he’s a psycho.

Can she fix a broken man? Or she will just let him ruin her heart?

A novel written by Rosas Vhiie.

Book Cover made by Christine Yanga.

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No Other Love

(sequel of Sana Akin Ka na Lang–Dee/Renz love story)

Deanna Florence Saadvera is young, spoiled and rich. Being the only girl of Saadvera, she gets what she wants. She doesn’t need to introduce herself to anyone. Just a mere look, everyone knows she is extraordinary.

But when the legal attorney of his grandfather gets in her way, she makes sure she will rid of him for good. Kaso, wala siyang magawa. Ito lamang ang nag iisang balakid sa lahat ng gusto niya na mangyari. Daig pa niya ang preso, hindi prinsesa, na kailangan may kasamang bodyguard sa lahat ng lakad. Pakialamero pa sa lovelife niya! She swears that when the time comes she has full control of her money which in no time will be hers, she will rid of him in an instant. Siya ang magmamana ng hacienda na nasa Del Rio kung saan si Lorenzo Madrigal III ang legal na tagapamahala ng lolo.

When her grandfather caught her making out with her boyfriend of two years, she never imagined that Don Severino will do something crazy.

Like stupidly, crazy, making Lorenzo Madrigal her husband or live without money!

No woman will be crazy enough to marry a man carved from stone.

A man like Lorenzo Madrigal III.

She will kill herself first bago pakasalan ang unggoy na ‘yon!

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Taming The Naughty Bastard

Hindi akalain ni Danica na mapapaibig siya sa isang bastardo na babaero at basagulero. Kahit anong iwas niya sa pang-aakit ni Cray ay hindi ito sumusuko. Kung malalaman nito ang kanyang lihim ay lalayuan kaya siya nito nang tuluyan?





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LAUNCHING DATE: October 25, 2021
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Once There Was A Love

Camiya didn’t like making decisions. But if there was one decision in her life that she knew was the right one, it was to spend the rest of her life with Heathe.

She promised to be patient with him, to stand by him, and to fight for their love no matter what challenges they would run into. And she kept that promise… as she should.


Heathe instantly knew that Camiya was the one his life was missing the very first time he laid his eyes on her. He was ‘the boss’ in the relationship, but her happiness always comes first.

He promised to love and cherish her, to keep their hearts forever chained, and even vowed that her sky would never drop a little rain. Unfortunately, he never kept those promises.

Because one day, Heathe woke up realizing that he no longer loved his wife.

He started to feel bored and unhappy in their marriage, and he thought that if he stayed married to her, he would just constantly cause her pain and suffering.

So he ended up asking for a legal separation.

But Camiya wouldn’t let him. She wouldn’t just set him free. And so, she made an agreement that would bring her husband back to his senses.





(C) Story written by Tala Natsume 2021

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Brittany Mchilts – Living in a world with so much pleasure to offer is not always make me happy and satisfied. I can’t live like this forever so I moved out. I suddenly became a gangster ng umalis ako sa buhay na kinasanayan ko.

Riot? We called it having fun.

Police? Kaibigan namin sila.

Silda? Hmmm, diyan kami nag o-overnight.

I am looking for something that can fulfill me, something extraordinary, something unusual, something exciting, and something that can’t bore me. But that’s something turned into someone – Charles, the man I helped from being bullied by our rival groups. And yes I fell in love with him. He is not my hero type but he saved me many times.

But everything changed because of a horrible incident.

And on our escape, I discovered Charles real reason why he did not leave my side. It was just because of money! Hindi ako makakapayag! Susundan ko siya! Isasampal ko sa kanya na mahal niya ako at hindi lang dahil sa isang milyon!

Kahit pa hanggang sa loob ng Black Wings Academy.

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One Sweet Night



Baby Lyn Dela Cruz- young, innocent and sweet girl who loves to laugh and enjoy everything around her.

Ang mala-anghel na mukha at boses niya ay palaging nakakakuha ng atensyon. Lahat ng tao sa paligid niya ay naaaliw sa kaniya.

But not her personal bodyguard, Claude Hernandez, who is always distant and cold.

Tila lahat ng kilos niya ay mali sa paningin nito. Palaging salubong ang mga kilay kapag siya ang kaharap. Madalas ay masungit.

At her very young age, she learned how to admire her handsome and hot bodyguard.

Paano nga ba niyang makukuha ang buong atensyon nito gayong sa araw-araw na kasama niya ito ay hindi man lang siya nito matingnan ng matagal?

A second installment of the Second Generation.




2nd Installment of 2nd Generation, Phoenix Series

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Forgotten Memories Book 1

“What’s wrong with you?”

Naningkit ang mga mata ni Alex.  She wanted to shout at him, that everything is wrong!  Pero naawa siya na makita ang halos paiyak na mukha ni Gin.  She drew a deep breath.

“Try to understand Gin, we are not going to work.  One day you’ll see what I am saying is all true.”

Eugenio Carlos or Gin is perfect.  He is tall, handsome and he has money.  He is the only son of Governor De Villa. And not to add he will inherit the throne of his father as governor someday.

But love is not the reason why she chose to be with him.  She doesn’t have the heart to fall in love with anyone else.

He is a bet.

In exchange for her car that she lost in a race.

And the bet she will regret for the rest of her life.





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The Crossover

Four stories. Eight characters. One diner.


  1. The Lone Wolf by Yumi
  2. Sweet but Psycho by Rosas Vhiie
  3. The Luckiest Dreamer by Tala Natsume
  4. Forgotten Memories Book 3 by mechanic lady


A Collab for a Cause (Project Emerald). No profit share gained between the writers and the platform. All proceeds are for Ms. Emerald’s medical assistance.


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In a Heartbeat

Siena is in love since college. That’s her motivation to go to the university where she is invincible to everybody. To see him sitting in front of her in two of her class is her addiction. She memorizes him in her heart until he graduated. Being at the top of her class, her previous professors do not understand why she wanted to be an assistant instead of aiming for a higher position. That’s all she wanted, to be near with A Ramirez.

B is the other half of the Ramirez twins. He is used to being called A most of the time. He doesn’t mind at all until Siena came. The game he and his twin played is not as fun as before anymore. Being called by his name is refreshing to him. Only their family can tell him and A apart and knowing Siena can see him made her stand out.

But B is not prepared for the rejection in front of him. He is craving to have a whole when all of his life, he always gets a half. And this time, he is determined not to share her love with his twin brother.

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One Sweet Lie


The 4th installment of Second Generation.

Reece Anderson became popular at a young age with his chosen career. Every woman wanted to date him, even wanted to warm his bed— willing to show their naked body right in front of him.

He has everything- popularity, wealth, women and has a complete, very supportive, and very loving family. He can bed any woman and kick them out of his life whenever he wants. He doesn’t do long-time relationships. He can have everything, they say.

But they are wrong. There’s one woman he can’t have— a woman who broke his young heart. A woman who rejected him and even insulted him. A woman of his dreams— his only dream.

How can he reach his one and only dream? Will he chase her or just let himself drowned with his unending desire?

Or…he will just stand with the biggest lie he made just to have the woman he always longed for?

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Your Love

“Mine, don’t worry. I am all yours yesterday, today and the days to come.” Malambing na sabi ni Aaron. Itotodo na niya ang pagpapacute sa babae at wala siyang pake kung medyo napapatingin na yung guard ng convenient store dahil sa napakasayang boses niya at pag-ikot ikot niya trying to look for a gift for Bianca.

“Sige na. Bababa ko na to.”

“Mine, saglit lang.”

“Ano na naman?”

“I love you much, much.”


“Mahal na mahal na mahal kita to the infinite power mine.”

There was a long silence after what Aaron said.



This story is dedicated to my friend Ate Barbs for the inspiration to complete the story.

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Love in Silence

Sarah is living in pay cheque by pay cheque. Kaya nang mapagbintangan siya sa dati niyang opisina na nag-uuwi ng office supplies, kinatakutan niya talaga ang araw na pinapili siya ng HR ng magiging hatol sa kanya. Nang mabigyan siya ng chance na makapagtrabahong muli sa isang multi-million na company, sinikap talaga ni Sarah na hindi kumuha ng kahit anong bagay na provided ng company kahit ito pa ay official na issue sa kanya. No, she will not take kahit na staple wire. Kaya sobrang frustrated sa kanya ng bago niyang boss. Ang boss niya na sobrang bango at sobrang gwapo ngunit sobrang sungit at sobrang nakakatakot tumitig. Parang alam lahat ng secrets niya. Napapakagat labi na lang siya kapag tinatawag nito ang pangalan niya.

Uno Sebastian is the heir of the Sebastian Empire. Siya ang nag-iisang lalaki na apo ni Red Sebastian na may dala ng apelyido. The pressure on him is too much. Finding an assistant that doesn’t think of anything sexual about him is a penance. Para siyang naghahanap ng karayom sa damuhan until this Sarah came. Everything about his new assistant is wrong but one thing is right, she calms him. His chaotic world became silent when she is around and that’s new. That’s new to him. And he doesn’t know silence so he pushed her away. And she was pushed. And one day she was gone.

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Isla Fontana Series #4: Ruthless Slave

Title: Ruthless Slave (Isla Fontana Series 4th Installment)
Genre: Romance, Erotica, Drama
Book Cover: Miss Eloisa

Ruthless. Cold. Cruel. Dangerous. Cold-blooded. Violent.

That’s how people see him. A heartless, cold and evil man, grew up in a place with full of violence. A place where violence is the only way to survive.

Forgiving is not his cup of tea. He will immediately eliminate those who stand in his way. It’s always easy for him to control and manipulate people around him.

Until one night, out of nowhere, a woman appeared right in front of him with full of blood and bruises. He gave her food, he gave her water and he gave her shelter. In return, the woman gave herself to him willingly. They shared a very hot and wild night together. He asked for her name and he remained a stranger to her.

They parted ways without saying anything to each other. He couldn’t forget the woman. He couldn’t forget her touch, her soft skin, her scent, her sweet lips, her every moans of pleasure and how wild she was that night. That night was unforgettable because for the first time, he became a slave and being controlled by her.

He couldn’t take her off of his mind. He always longed for her touch that almost loses his mind. He search for the woman and finally, he found her- in an island.

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From Forbidden to Forever

This is the last installment in our Elite Series.

I use some references from a friend that lived in Mountain Province. There will be some scenes that will be based on a tribe in Mountain Province but for the sake of this story, please bear in mind that this is a work of fiction.

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Sweet Obsession

Sweet Obsession (5th installment of Second Generation)


Rain Sandoval had no idea when Farrah Ember Anderson started getting obsessed with him. This woman never failed to show the real her right in front of him. She’s a woman with no shame, she’s brave, lethal, and dangerous. She always acts on her own. For her, giving up was never an option. She always chases him. She’s a kind of woman with a strong personality. She’s very naughty.

Farrah Ember is a kind of woman who is always willing to show her hot and perfect body just to seduce him. Always willing to give him everything.

But he should never touch this woman- because he’s committed to someone he promised he will love for the rest of his life. He’s committed to someone he always adored, someone he knew he could offer his whole life. Someone he would bring to the altar.

How long can he ignore Farrah Ember? How can he run away from this temptress? How can he run away from this kind of Sweet Obsession?


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Last year, a project was created before the design of the Nobelista platform. The project has two divisions. The first division is focused on finding great stories from aspiring Filipino novelists and put them in one platform that caters Philippine novels in all literary genre (romance, thriller, mystery, fantasy, science-fiction, historical romance, and comedy). After the successful selection of the first batch of Filipino writers, the project will continue to find more novelists who are going to provide great Pinoy novels to Pinoy readers all over the world. 
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When I thought about it last year, I had two things in mind; provide more stories to the VIP members and open the mind of the Filipino community that Filipino writers deserved to get paid for their works.  You just have to expose these writers.  I have the platform and was blessed to have the opportunity, then why not open it to other Filipino writers?  It’s a simple thought.  You don’t have to be rich or famous to offer an opportunity.  Just make it happen.