Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How can we read the locked chapters?

    If the locked chapters are part of a story in Pay Per View page, you have to PURCHASE A NOBELISTA LOAD CARD at the SHOP of Nobelista website.

    If the stories are written by mechanic lady, to read her works — YOU HAVE TO BE A VVIP MEMBER.

  • 2. How can we pay the Nobelista Load Card?

    You can pay using Gcash, Bank or Paypal.

  • 3. How can we know if we have Nobelista coins or if the corresponding coins are already loaded in our account?

    You have to send us an email @ together with your proof of payment and order #. You can see in your DASHBOARD if you have already coins.

  • 4. How much is the per chapter?

    It varies per story. The top-selling stories are usually priced higher.

  • 5. I purchased a chapter, but unable to view the next chapter. What will I do?

    Send us an email at

  • 6. I purchased a chapter but it has the same content as the previous chapter. What will I do?

    Send us an email at

  • 7. How long should I have to wait after payment to see if my coins are replenished?

    At least 24-48 hrs.

  • 8. Can I read it offline?

    No. Nobelista website is for online reading. You need a wifi connection or data to read the stories.

    But you can use our Nobelista App for offline reading.

  • 9. How can I add the stories in my library?

    YOU CAN ONLY ADD stories in your library if:

    A) You purchased a chapter/story
    B ) If you are a VVIP Member (applicable ONLY for VVIP stories)

  • 10. I keep logging in every time I lose connection. Is there any easy way to avoid the frequent logging in?

    In your phone, you have to CREATE A SHORTCUT or BOOKMARK the website Nobelista to create an icon direct to your Home Screen.

  • 11. Are all stories PAID CONTENT?
    No. There are stories for FREE reading and PAID stories for the PAY PER VIEW.
  • 12. How can we buy it as whole e-book?

    In order to buy it as a whole e-book, you must participate during our pre-selling which is prior to the launching of new e-book. Always follow our Facebook page to know our new titles. Here is the link:




  • 13. What is the difference between a LOAD CARD and GIFT CARD

    To avoid confusion, LOAD CARD is for coins. Once you buy a load card, your dashboard is replenished with Nobelista coins that you can use to purchase a per chapter.

    GIFT CARD contains a gift card number that you can use upon purchase. These are the list where you can use your purchased gift card:

    a. Send it as a gift to another user

    b. Serves as your wallet to store as big as 1000 cash.

    c. PURCHASE a load card without a hassle.



  • 14. What is the VVIP? How to purchase?

    VIP/VVIP Membership is for mechanic lady's stories only.  This is an exclusive membership with more privileges than the regular subscribers.

    To know the details about the membership, you can send us a message on Facebook.


    Here is the link:


  • 15. How to Use Nobelista App?

    Nobelista App is for Android users only. For free stories, you can directly download them from the app and read them online. For paid stories, you have to BUY using the browser.

  • 16. Can I buy using Nobelista App?

    No. You can't purchase using Nobelista App but you can purchase using the website.

  • 17. Can I download the paid story even if I didn't yet purchase all chapters from the website?

    No. Only completed purchases are allowed to download by permission of the administrators.

  • 18. How to delete my account?

    To delete your Nobelista account, you can email your request at