A Cinderella’s Love

By: Joy Natividad
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Alessa created Rigs perfectly for the fans to fall in love with a fictional character. He wanders on earth trying to find Cassandra. And every time he fails, he faced an untimely death. Every time that Cassandra turns her heart away from their love, Rigs died. And every time he was born again in another universe, his heart always whisper the name of Cassandra. Urging to find her and make her admit their love and defy fate.

And Cassandra kept on denying their love.

And from the look of it, it seems Alessa was Cassandra and Lean is Rigs.

And it’s happening now. The way that Alessa is denying Lean was a painful picture to look at.

The Photo Shoot, A Cinderella’s Love


7 reviews for A Cinderella’s Love

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    nice story Po paano ko ba mababasa ito.Thank you and God bless Ms.author

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    Paano to babasa open ayaw pa rin eh miss author

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    Jaslene Meredith

    Another Story to Love

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    genelyn (verified owner)

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