Once There Was A Love

By: Tala Natsume
(10 customer reviews)

Camiya didn’t like making decisions. But if there was one decision in her life that she knew was the right one, it was to spend the rest of her life with Heathe.

She promised to be patient with him, to stand by him, and to fight for their love no matter what challenges they would run into. And she kept that promise… as she should.


Heathe instantly knew that Camiya was the one his life was missing the very first time he laid his eyes on her. He was ‘the boss’ in the relationship, but her happiness always comes first.

He promised to love and cherish her, to keep their hearts forever chained, and even vowed that her sky would never drop a little rain. Unfortunately, he never kept those promises.

Because one day, Heathe woke up realizing that he no longer loved his wife.

He started to feel bored and unhappy in their marriage, and he thought that if he stayed married to her, he would just constantly cause her pain and suffering.

So he ended up asking for a legal separation.

But Camiya wouldn’t let him. She wouldn’t just set him free. And so, she made an agreement that would bring her husband back to his senses.





(C) Story written by Tala Natsume 2021

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10 reviews for Once There Was A Love

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    5 out of 5


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    3 out of 5


    How to unlock? It seems chapter 4 onwards are not yet available?

    • Tala Natsume

      Tala Natsume

      Hello, Asenath! Thank you for your interest; this story is still locked but it will be open soon. Please follow the Nobelista page and join the group to get updates of its release.

      Thank you! Xx

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    5 out of 5


    You never disappoint ❤️❤️❤️ I don’t know how to leave this review without spoiling, but all I can say is it’s worth every penny! Super daming life lessons as always na we can apply in real life. Kudos, girl! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. RosasVhiie
    5 out of 5


    Hi, Miss Tala! Congratulations for the successful launching of your new story here in Nobelista. This is actually my first time reading your story. Puyat ako from work last night but I was so desperate to finish Heathe and Camiya’s story when I get home. Unfortunately, natulog muna ako nearly 11 am and then when I woke up, tinapos ko talaga. Haha. Ang ganda ng story. Huhu. That chapter when Heathe realized his mistakes, it made me cry. Grabe yung iyak ko— masakit na masarap. Maybe because I am emotional these past few days at ang story mo ang naging takbuhan ko. Ang dami kong gustong sabihin but I am afraid that it might spoil the other readers. Lol. Ang tagal ko nang hindi nakakapagbasa ng story and I’m glad I found your story. Mixed emotions while reading Once There Was a Love. From Chapter 1 up to the ending, it never failed to make my heart feel the pain of every characters, their sacrifices, those battles they fought and how they forgive and accept each other. I love Heathe especially those times when he realized how gago he was. And I love Camiya more for choosing herself, for loving herself. I salute her for that. Keep up the good work, Miss Tala. As your co-writer, I am proud and happy that you are one of the writers of Nobelista. Looking forward for your next stories soon. Again, congratulations!

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    4 out of 5


    How much po whole e book

    • Tala Natsume

      Tala Natsume

      Hey, hey, Marti! Thank you for your inquiry! :)))

      Hindi na po available ang buong ebook today, maaari niyo na lang pong basahin ang story per chapter.

      If you wish to be updated with Nobelista’s ebook release, I suggest you join its Facebook group po. :)))

  6. Aleeza Mireya
    5 out of 5

    Aleeza Mireya

    Hirap magreview na hindi mag-spoil, eh. Hahaha. Such a nice read. Yung life lessons talaga. Daming makukuhang aral. And motto ko talaga ito: “Falling in love is by chance, but staying in love is by choice.” At sa lahat talaga ng uri ng pagmamahal, self love ang mahalaga. Kudos, Ms. Tala. More stories to come!

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    5 out of 5

    adoriomarcencar23 (verified owner)

    .ang galing worth it yung coins,sobrang ganda nung story,napaiyak talaga ako pramis ❤️❤️❤️At nadagdagan nanaman eyebags ko

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    1 out of 5


    How to unlock chapters?

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    1 out of 5


    How to unlock chapters? Please its been a long time when i read a novel here..

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    1 out of 5


    How to unlock chapters? Please its been a long time when i read a novel here..please thanks

    • Tala Natsume

      Tala Natsume

      Hi there! You can unlock chapters once you have purchased Nobelista coins. Please go to SHOP and choose your preferred Nobelista load card. Once payment is made, please save your proof of payment and send it to Nobelista page on Facebook and or to Mechanic Lady’s publication. You will need to wait for 48 hours at the latest for the confirmation, and once confirmed, may coins ka na to read this story. :))

      Thank you for your inquiry and I look forward to reading your feedback! Xx

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