One Day, Someday Book 1

By: Joy Natividad
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“I love you more than a friend, Gabriel.  And I have realized that when you told me you love her.”



Jeri and Riel were not just the best of friends.  They grew up practically having each other around.  And they say, there is a thin line of a chance to fall in love when you are into a great friendship.  And Jerina fell so hard for her best friend, Gabriel Sandoval.  The problem is, Riel is in love with someone else.


Is she going to fight for what she feels for her best friend and forget the friendship?


Or is she going to keep the friendship and forget what she feels?


2 reviews for One Day, Someday Book 1

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    5 out of 5


    Masakit pa rin sa puso.. Mahirap talagang magmahal ng best friend..

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    1 out of 5


    hindi ko po mabasa

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Chapter 1 - One Day, Someday....
Chapter 2 - Letting Go
Chapter 3 - Jerina Mendoza---Jeri
Chapter 4 - Gabriel Sandoval----Riel
Chapter 5 - Beer and Kisses
Chapter 6 - September 2018