Sweet Pleasure

By: RosasVhiie

(8th Installment of Second Generation)

Alester Dominic Ford – a computer genius. A man who loves computers and technologies more than anything else. He is a man who prefers to date his own computers more than women. He can track anyone with his computer skills. He can ruin anyone’s life in just one click on his keyboard. He can easily know your deepest and darkest secrets in just a split of seconds.

His life revolves around computers. He has his own world. He is successful and has a peaceful life. Dating, flirting, and even having a wife and family of his own never crossed his mind.

Until one day, a 5 year old little guy approached him, telling him that he was his father, showing him all the proof that they share the same blood.

How the hell did he become a father to a 5 year old little boy? And who is the mother of the child?



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