Tempting Fate

By: Ana Marie Legaspi
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This story is a sequel to “Young Love: Precious Jem” 

Jomel and Jem were once a best of friends who became lovers after five years of courtship. But their perfect relationship just lasted for only two months and half because of the twist of fate.

She really fell in love with him.  He restored her broken heart. He was every woman’s wish for to be their own prince.  He’s attractively handsome, has a body like a Greek god, a good man, and most of all, he loved her wholeheartedly. But that twist of fate won’t allow them to be together then.

He was so in love with her so much and willing to do everything for her to please her – even to marry another woman to give his son his name – as per Jem’s wish.

After six years since they’ve separated ways, Jem was now happily married to the first man she loved and Jomel learned to love his unwanted wife.

But again, a twist of fate strikes them once more.

Will there be a second chance between them?

Can you resist the fate if it was so tempting?


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    5 out of 5


    nahook ako sa story nila nakaka-amaze how fate played with their love story ..pero bitin ba talaga?
    after chapter 47?

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