The Blind Casanova Book 2 Writer’s Edition

By: ML Publication
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Can you love someone when everything about her is a lie?


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    5 out of 5

    Elizabeth valiente

    I cant wait to read every chapter. The story is good.

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Book Information

When Mindy came back as Sam to help Adam get through his blindness, she must admit she’s crazy.

Crazily and foolishly in love with Adam.

She had no idea that Adam would eventually fall for the persona she created. It was hard to accept that Adam felt remorse for her as Mindy but loved the ‘Sam’ personality which he had no idea that they are the same person.

How could he ever accept that the person he hates the most is the same person he professed he loved more than ever?

But how could she stay as ‘Sam’ when her mission is to kill a ruthless governor who happened to be one of the legs of the Dark Serpent, the most organized crime syndicate involved in drugs all over Asia?