The Bratinella Series 2: Outsmarted by the Brainy Brat (2022)

By: ML Publication

Saffira Amanda Andersen. Engaged to be married to Neal Wilson Sanchez. Ang playboy na anak ng bestfriend ng Daddy nya. And she hates him big time. She tried to stop the arranged marriage a million of times. But this guy always go in the way. He’s too smart to know her  weakness. Her parents. Ang hate na nararamdaman nya sa lalaki ay lalo lang nadadagdagan sa tuwing makikita nya ito. They are arranged to be married pero sa tuwing makakasalubong nya ito sa school eh kabi-kabila ang mga girls na nakadikit dito.The nerve of that guy! We may not like each other but at least he should show some respect. So, she made a plan. Lure him if. Make him fall hard and drop him like a hot potato. Will she be able to outsmart him this time? We’ll see..


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