Thy Jealousy

By: secretivoice

“I’ve been a bad girl, spank me now, Brother.”


His love for her was ferocious, intense, and sinful. It was true love…but at the wrong time.

How could you rewrite your fate if it’s God’s will?

Chandelier De Vries lived her life confronting someone else’s identity. She’s living her life as her stepbrother’s romance and fantasy, as his definitive woman. She was vanquished by him, in bed or not. She was receptive to get hurt by him; mentally and physically, because she loved him. Because she felt like it was a promising thing to do. Letting him do whatever he craved to; condoning him got a kick out of every whip of her. Letting herself owned and controlled by Shade Newha Yezcanto.

But then fate sent dignitary to rectify her, Sanelli El de Carsa. He was the one who implied her worth. He was the one who enabled her actualizing herself; the person who led her the way when she’s fallen and plummeted. The only person she could express who she really was.

But neither of them she wished to take the plunge, and she just found herself scampering away from the two of them…


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Word Count: 70000