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The Wild Heart of Megan

Constantine De Marco has once invaded Megan’s life. Ten years ago, she blindly gave him her virginity. Thinking he’s the man meant for her. Constantine De Marco is tall, a handsome devil, and rich. The brown eyes and the sexy Italian tongue made her swoon like crazy. She was charmed easily by his virility which lacks most of the boys she met. She knows Constantine would eventually love her and marry her after giving him her virginity.

Well, she’s crazy at 18.

After the blissful moment, he tore that dream the same way he totally ripped her innocence. He left and married one of the most powerful names in Europe.

So, why after ten years, they’re back where they’ve started?

Of course, she’s not crazy at 28. Or is she?



The Wild Heart of Megan Writer’s Edition (physical book in hardbound)

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The Bratinella Series 2: Outsmarted by the Brainy Brat

Saffira Amanda Andersen. Engaged to be married to Neal Wilson Sanchez. Ang playboy na anak ng bestfriend ng Daddy nya. And she hates him big time. She tried to stop the arranged marriage a million of times. But this guy always go in the way. He’s too smart to know her  weakness. Her parents. Ang hate na nararamdaman nya sa lalaki ay lalo lang nadadagdagan sa tuwing makikita nya ito. They are arranged to be married pero sa tuwing makakasalubong nya ito sa school eh kabi-kabila ang mga girls na nakadikit dito.The nerve of that guy! We may not like each other but at least he should show some respect. So, she made a plan. Lure him if. Make him fall hard and drop him like a hot potato. Will she be able to outsmart him this time? We’ll see..

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Silent Pain


How can you love a person who doesn’t remember you the next day? How can you deal with a person who will say I love you but doesn’t remember it the next day? Sadyang manhid lang ba ang puso mo dahil kahit gaano kalala ang sitwasyon, siya at siya pa rin ang mamahalin mo?

Hanggang saan mo nga ba kayang magmahal? Hanggang saan mo kayang intindihin at tanggapin ang sitwasyon kung sa halos araw-araw ay pinapatay ang puso mo ng taong iyong pinakamamahal? Hanggang saan mo kayang makitang nasasaktan at nahihirapan ang babaeng gusto mong protektahan habang-buhay? Hanggang saan mo kayang saksihan ang iba’t-ibang character na bumabalot sa buong pagkatao ng babaeng pinakamamahal? Hanggang saan mo kayang mag sakripisyo para sa taong minamahal?

Written By: Rosas Vhiie
Book Cover By: Christine Yanga

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For the Love of Leia

There is a thin line between hatred and love.

Madalas na niyang marinig iyon. Hindi na bago sa kanya na kapag nagmamahal at nasasaktan ay parang iisa lamang. She thought she experienced the worst but she was wrong.

Margarette promised to herself that when she falls in love again, she will do everything to get the person she’s in love with. Hindi na niya hahayaan na mapunta sa iba ang taong mahal niya kagaya ng nangyari sa kanya nang makilala niya si Pia. Loving her made her life miserable. Hindi lamang dahil hindi niya kayang ipaglaban iyon dahil sa babae sila pareho at sa alta-sosyedad na kinabibilangan niya na hindi tatanggapin ang kagaya nila. Kung hindi dahil mas pinili nito ang isang lalaki kumpara sa kanya.

Pero wala na sigurong hihigit na masakit kung ang taong minamahal niya ngayon ay mapunta uli sa lalaking naging kaagaw niya sa unang pag-ibig.

Sa lalaking ginawang miserable ang una niyang pag-ibig at nagsabing kukunin sa kanya ang lahat ng babaeng magustuhan niya.

Hanggang magawa niyang tanggapin na ang babae ay para sa lalaki lamang!

Image: Photo by Hải Nguyễn from Pexels license

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A Way To His Heart

“I don’t think I can go on a day without seeing you, suītohāto. I’m addicted to you.”

Napatawa ako sa sinabi ni Katsuji. “Ano? Some researchers would disagree with you. Hindi ka puwedeng maaadik sa tao. Sasabihin nilang sa halip na pagkagumon ang nararamdaman mo ngayon, ito ay emotional dependence, which… I really doubt, though. You’re not that kind of person, are you?”

He snorted a little. “You tell me, but I do know what you mean. Like someone who has substance use disorder, I have an intense craving for you; I feel anxious and fearful if I don’t see you again; I’m prepared to neglect all my other relationships and responsibilities just to be with you and to have you by my side; I’m now thinking that my life just revolves around you; and I’m having withdrawal symptoms when I’m away from you. I can’t stand being apart from you, suītohāto.” Humina ang boses niya sa huling pangungusap.

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Wishing Upon A Farthest Star Book 2

“You are like a shooting star that I see every night when I was young, Jeremy. Far and impossible to catch.”  – Kim

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Bringing Joy Through Our Stories
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Bringing Joy Through Our Stories

Nobelista is an online reading platform for Filipino writers and readers. Last 2012, the free-reading platform became a sensation and the new breed of Filipino novelists was born. Most of the new breed of Filipino writers received recognition from different big publications, tv and movie outfits.
Last year, a project was created before the design of the Nobelista platform. The project has two divisions. The first division is focused on finding great stories from aspiring Filipino novelists and put them in one platform that caters Philippine novels in all literary genre (romance, thriller, mystery, fantasy, science-fiction, historical romance, and comedy). After the successful selection of the first batch of Filipino writers, the project will continue to find more novelists who are going to provide great Pinoy novels to Pinoy readers all over the world. 
The other half of the platform is the home of the VIP subscribers of mechanic_lady or Joy Natividad, the co-founder of Nobelista project and owner of Mechanic Lady’s Publication which caters most of her published books. The creation of the Nobelista platform is a combination of finding Filipino readers who will support the Filipino novels and providing Filipino writers who aim to bring joy to their stories.

Joy Natividad

A Filipino published Author and the Founder of ML Publication and Nobelista Project

When I thought about it last year, I had two things in mind; provide more stories to the VIP members and open the mind of the Filipino community that Filipino writers deserved to get paid for their works.  You just have to expose these writers.  I have the platform and was blessed to have the opportunity, then why not open it to other Filipino writers?  It’s a simple thought.  You don’t have to be rich or famous to offer an opportunity.  Just make it happen.