A Cinderella’s Love (2018)

By: ML Publication

When Jan met a mystery man online, who caught her attention, she never thought a dashing man is behind the alias.

The name is Leandro Zaragosa; rich, Chief Design Engineer of one of the biggest aeronautical company in the country, single despite his status.

Apparently, he is brokenhearted too from the last relationship with the famous actress Bianca Vera.

For the first time, Jan was overwhelmed with strange emotions she never felt before.  She was sure she fell in love with their conversation, just before she knew who he was.

And Lean returned her feelings!

Now, she wanted to believe in fairy tales.  That she is Cinderella and Prince Charming will love her forever.

Of course, she must admit it first to Lean that her profile picture is not her but belongs to a famous Filipino romance writer.



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Book Information

Word Count: 70000