No Other Love Writer’s Edition Hardbound

By: ML Publication

Deanna Florence Saadvera is young, spoiled and rich. Being the only girl in Saadvera, she gets what she wants.  She doesn’t need to introduce herself to anyone. Just a mere look, everyone knows she’s a royal.


But, when the legal adviser of his grandfather gets in her way, she makes sure she will get rid of him for good.  Kaso, wala siyang magawa. Ito lamang ang nag-iisang balakid sa lahat ng gusto niyang mangyari.  Daig pa niya ang preso, hindi prinsesa, na kailangan may kasamang bodyguard sa lahat ng lakad. Pakialamero pa sa love life niya!  She swears when the time comes she has full control of her money which in no time will be hers, she will get rid of him in an instant.  Siya ang magmamana ng hacienda na nasa Del Rio kung saan si Lorenzo Madrigal III ang legal na tagapamahala ni lolo.


When her grandfather caught her making out with a boyfriend of two years, she never imagined her grandfather will do something crazy.  Like, stupidly, crazily, making Renz her husband or live without money!


A woman must be crazy enough to marry a man carved from stone. A man like Lorenzo Madrigal III.



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Publisher: Mechanic Lady’s Publication

ISBN:  978-621-8336-01-8 (hardbound cover)


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