Forgotten Memories Book 1

By: Joy Natividad

“What’s wrong with you?”

Naningkit ang mga mata ni Alex.  She wanted to shout at him, that everything is wrong!  Pero naawa siya na makita ang halos paiyak na mukha ni Gin.  She drew a deep breath.

“Try to understand Gin, we are not going to work.  One day you’ll see what I am saying is all true.”

Eugenio Carlos or Gin is perfect.  He is tall, handsome and he has money.  He is the only son of Governor De Villa. And not to add he will inherit the throne of his father as governor someday.

But love is not the reason why she chose to be with him.  She doesn’t have the heart to fall in love with anyone else.

He is a bet.

In exchange for her car that she lost in a race.

And the bet she will regret for the rest of her life.



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Book Information

Word Count: 150k