Sana Akin Ka na Lang

By: Joy Natividad

When Stephanie realized that her heart is for Dominic Saadvera, she realized the trouble she’s in.

First, Dominic is born a womanizer. Like ice cream, he has a different ‘flavor of the month’. Kada isang buwan may bagong babae. Mabuti kung aabot sana ng isang season.

Second, Dominic is born to be Don Severino’s successor in his empire. In short, Dominic is rich. Ultimately rich.

Third, Dominic belongs to someone else. He is set to marry someone else because of business.

She has no chance. None at all. But the day he kissed her, it changes everything.

For her.

But not for him.

So, why after four years he’s still coming after her when he said he didn’t love her the way she thought he did?



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Book Information

Word Count: 100000