The Blind Casanova Book 1 Writer’s Edition

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ISBN 978-621-96062-2-6


3 reviews for The Blind Casanova Book 1 Writer’s Edition

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    Very nice story

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    Please help me how can I read this one?

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Book Information

A race car driver was being ripped with his eyesight and a woman he was about to marry, succumb to the darkness of his own misery and pain. He wants nothing but to be secluded from the public eye. A Casanova, being ripped off the chance to a happily ever after love story.

Until the mysterious Samantha came to aid his needs. And his once sworn promise of loving his dead fiancee, became blurred as he felt her skin, smell her own desire and lust. No doubt, Samantha aroused his primitive desire to conquer and dominate a sexy siren. Even with his blindness, he could tell how passionate she could be.

And definitely, he will taste the pleasure in her arms.

Even with lies and deceit.