Wishing Upon the Farthest Star Book 1

By: Joy Natividad

Avery Sky is not just a typical rich man’s daughter with whims and caprices.  The impossible becomes a reality to her.  From having the most expensive cars, jewels,  flying from one continent to another and naming an island after her are not a jaw-dropping reality of how rich she is.  She was named as the Sky of the Romualdez, as her father, Asia’s top business magnate Henry Romualdez, gave the best for her only daughter.  But there is one thing she hasn’t done yet. Or one thing she still has no possession of.

Owning the farthest star that shines brightly up at night and put it in her very own sky.

And the international songwriter/singer and front runner of the Icarus band, Luke Icarus Mateo is nothing but the farthest blue star she wants to own and flaunt as one of her prized and rare collections.

So, when her father sponsored one of the biggest openings of their business in Macau, she didn’t hesitate to show her interest to the international singer.

Only to find out that the farthest star is not interested to be in her sky.  Not even when she offers the world to him.

Luke Icarus is determined to say No.  And she is determined to get him.

By hook or by crook.



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Book Information

Word Count: 75000